Responsive Drupal Design

Cellar Door Media is on the forefront of web development with its utilization of "Responsive Web Design". This new way of looking at web development creates a site which adapts itself to the screen size of the user, rather than the device. No longer is there a need to create a "mobile website" located in a separate domain or folder, doing so only creates duplicated content which is difficult to manage. Instead, creating one adaptive website allows for your content to be presented in a unique and seamless way on any device whether it be smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Our site is created on this adaptive technology so go ahead take it for a spin by resizing your window or changing devices! The possibilities of this technology are endless and already we are finding new and inventive ways to utilize this technology for clients.

Businesses no longer need just a "web presence". Old websites with static non-changing content do not allow your users to interact with your brand and products. Cellar Door Media believes that websites are the core for any modern marketing campaign. Having a site that allows for quick content creation, by anybody no matter their technical skills, and social interaction will not only drive more website traffic but allow for personalized and creative marketing campaigns. Utilizing the latest in the Drupal Content Management System (CMS), Cellar Door Media creates sites rich with content like blogs, photo galleries, forums, videos, interactive calendars, e-commerce and more. We also   seamlessly integrate your site with social networks like Facebook and Twitter so users can interact with your brand no matter where they are.