What We Do - Beautiful Mobile Solutions

Beautiful Mobile Solutions are ones that expand your ability to reach today's fast-growing mobile market while remaining simple and seamless to the end-user. Responsive web design is the next online trend that allows a website to adapt to any device without redirects or the hassle that comes from managing multiple versions of a website. Through responsive web design built on top of the Drupal platform, we create powerful responsive sites that can power everything from a small business site to e-commerce to large institutional sites. 

Often times we are asked, "Where does the name Cellar Door Media come from?". Much like our mobile solutions, the answer is both simple and complex. Though the origins are disputed, many attribute J.R.R. Tolkein as describing cellar door as being more "beautiful" than any other word in the English language. So at Cellar Door Media we seek to create solutions for our clients that will live up to our name.

The online landscape is quickly becoming more and more biased towards mobile devices and we see this in our work everyday. By specializing in creating strategies and developing the software that will embrace this market shift, we create new opportunities for our clients. Rather than covering every technology and methodology known to the web, we prefer to focus on those that will create beautiful mobile solutions and provide the platform to progress in that direction at a pace that is right for you. 

Visit our various solutions and contact us to see what we can create with you to take your business into the future.