How Will We Deliver Results?

By now hopefully you have read about who we are, what we do, and why you should work with us. You haven't? O.K. we'll wait...

After all that reading you are probably asking, "How will all this happen?". Here's a rundown of the tools we have carefully selected in order to deliver the highest quality experience not only for your users but for your team as well.

Responsive Drupal Web Development

When searching for a content management system that would meet the requirements of our clients, offer a powerful set of tools, have a strong open-source community, and be used in many of today's highest trafficked websites we found only the Drupal platform to meet all of these requirements. 

Since beginning on the Drupal platform, Cellar Door Media has been dedicated to not just using Drupal but being an active member in the community. You will find Cellar Door Media team members at the local Drupal meetups, online giving support and helping to fix bugs, and even speaking at summits in order to give back to the community. We feel that by contributing back to the community we may help advance the platform and in turn only serve to make our products stronger.

Building on the Drupal platform allows us to craft a simple interface for your team to take control of the site's content and continue to publish news releases, blogs, new pages and more. In addition to creating a simple user interface, Drupal is driven by a powerful content management system allowing for powerful user communities, secure client portals, and e-commerce sites all while driving the highest SEO possible.

iOS Development

Cellar Door Media is experienced in developing enterprise quality mobile applications on Apple's iOS platform. Powering the popular iPhone, iPad and iPod line of devices, iOS offers a clean and elegant user experience that we look to mimic in our design and functionality. We will work with your team to help brainstorm everything from the design to the user experience and using our skilled team build the product in Agile sprints allowing for integral feedback along the way. You see everything we build so there's no questions and no surprises (except how well it works).

Android Development

After creating an application on Apple's iOS platform the next question is usually, "What about Android?". Google's Android platform currently is the fastest growing platform globally and should not be overlooked. We prefer not to just port over the iOS experience to Android users. Rather we built with interfaces native to the Android experience in order to make the user interface as intuitive as possible. When building your mobile platform we will use as much common resources in order to reduce the amount of unique code is needed for each platform and help keep your costs to a minimum.